Friday, October 24, 2008


Magh CM-II natural draft woodgas stove is a very low-cost stove for heating and generating charcoal. It can also be described as a mini-charcoal making metal kiln. Instead of incinerating biomass generated from home gardens / any other dry combustible material generated as household waste usually throwing into the garbage bin, can be used here. The leaf litter, dry twigs / sticks, chips of wood, wood shavings, etc. are very much suitable.

The steps involved are
Put the biomass into the combustion chamber
Lit the biomass from top
Use the heat for heating water, cooking, etc.
At the end shut the primary air by closing the shutter
Cover the stove with a lid
Let it cool for some time
Turn the stove sideways for unloading the charcoal produced
Sprinkle water for retrieving the charcoal (this is a faster procedure for retrieving the charcoal).

This is under testing presently, suggestions would be of great help in improving the design. The cost of each stove is less than $2 (USD).

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